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277972_426873797355783_1662096522_o We want you to enjoy everything the world of herbs has to offer, and we hope that you will be able to get that experience here, with us. Mari-Mann Herb Co., Inc. has from the beginning always offered herbs & spices along with gourmet items. Though in recent years we have expanded our supplement offerings, we still offer the cream of the crop from our gourmet lines. Items like Dilly Dip Mix, Spoon Herbal Sauce, Rum Vanilla, Rose Geranium Jelly and more still stock our shelves in addition to other branded items that we have found to be of superior quality through the years.

It took a bit, but It is Finally Here! – Coastal Goods Sarah’s Mediterranean Sea Salt!

Sarah's Mediterranean Sea SaltSarah’s Mediterranean Sea Salt is mixed with spices and herbs including Garlic, Lavender and other spices – bringing out the best of this sea salt making it a wonderful enhancer for the simplest foods. Sarah’s Mediterranean Sea Salt sprinkled on cherry tomatoes will surprise you with an incredible flavor! Use it to marinate your steak and you will never want it any other way! A favorite at the former Haines & Essick, Mari-Mann has worked to bring this product back to the Decatur area at a fantastic price! At Mari-Mann we strive to bring you the Highest Quality at the the Lowest Cost, and we think we have done that with this amazing product! See you soon!!

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