Message to our Patrons:

We are open, regular hours.
Please practice social distancing and follow all current orders regarding wearing masks and safety.

Employees and Customers are being asked to wear masks at all times in the store or garden center, unless you have a medical condition which prohibits you to wear a mask, if you cannot maintain a 6-foot distance.

As a government-defined “essential” business, we are currently planning to remain open through this pandemic and will continue working to supply you with as many of our healthy products as possible.

We’re still offering mail orders and call ahead orders for curb side pick up.

You can visit

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will get through this difficult time if we work together, remain calm and keep a positive mindset.


We want you to enjoy everything the world of herbs has to offer, and we hope that you will be able to get that experience here, with us. Mari-Mann Herb Co., Inc. has from the beginning always offered herbs & spices along with gourmet items. Though in recent years we have expanded our supplement offerings, we still offer the cream of the crop from our gourmet lines. Items like Dilly Dip Mix, Spoon Herbal Sauce, Rum Vanilla, Rose Geranium Jelly and more still stock our shelves in addition to other branded items that we have found to be of superior quality through the years.

Mari-Mann Schwinn Bike Giveaway Sweepstakes! 

In cooperation with Europharma (Terry Naturally), Mari-Mann Herbs is offering you the opportunity to win a Schwinn Baywood Women’s Cruiser Bike 26″ Wheel 16″ with small Frame Size in the color Navy Blue (SRP: $299.99)!!

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