Maribeth’s Kitchen

Maribeth's KitchenAs the popularity of “nouvelle” cuisine is waning, HOME STYLE cooking is making a comeback. It is bountiful, simple and good as can be. HOME STYLE cuisine is comfort food, tranquil and soothing, as it becomes a refuge from today’s “trendy” food, reminding us of what Grandmother used to make. Grandmother’s classic combinations are very adaptable to today’s healthier eating habits. Again, on comes the vinegar cruet (containing lovely herbal vinegar) and the salt shaker goes off the table. The pepper mills, lovely Lucite creations containing “Mari-Pepper Royale,” are a smart touch to the traditional old wooden pepper grinders containing only the black peppercorns. How well I remember hearing how my Great, Great grandmother Layton guarded the little herb seedlings and starts in the wagon as the family came from Kentucky to settle in the then New Illinois. These are some of my favorite recipes for a “homey” tranquil Winter evening dinner. Nostalgic, healthy, EASY dinner!
The following recipes are from Maribeth King and/or favorites from our cooking schools and cooking shows. We will try to bring a new recipe almost every week. There are hundreds of awesome recipes so check back from time to time and see what we have added. Any questions or feedback – give us a call at 1.217.429.1555.